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The stories we tell, shape the world we live in. 

We're a Bristol-based documentary production company that makes films, broadcast television and digital content about people and our relationship with the natural world. We believe that sharing stories is key to imagining better futures into being. 

Why "See Through Stories"? 

As filmmakers we recognise that stories and storytelling are fundamental to the human experience. Stories are the bedrock of our beliefs; they shape our opinions, guide our decisions and help us make sense of our place in the world. 

We all see the world through stories.

We also believe transparency is a good thing. Opaque stories hide their purpose and can be deceitful. By seeing through a story to the beliefs and assumptions on which it's been built, we can decide whether the story is worth repeating or sharing.

We want our stories to be see through.

Our Vision

We dream of a society living in reciprocity with other cultures and with all of nature on a resilient and regenerating planet, in which diversity is celebrated and compatible worldviews are respected, and that upholds every individual’s right to live a good life in community with others. 

We believe in the power of films to inspire our society to transform.


Our Mission

To craft films that will have a positive impact in response to the current ecological crisis, and to normalise environmentally and socially responsible filmmaking.


This mission has three strands:

  • To make films that help to shift Western culture towards regenerative and equitable futures

  • To explore structures and processes that lead to more sustainable, fair and collaborative ways of filmmaking in order to align our work with our values

  • To share our learning and experiences so that others (especially filmmakers) are inspired to risk making positive changes too.

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