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We put impact at the heart of our films. Working alongside impact strategy organisations and partners, our ambition is to craft films that are valuable assets that actively work towards environmental and social change. As filmmakers, we recognise that the industry needs to take big strides in becoming more environmentally conscious and therefore minimising our environmental footprint is a priority in all our decision-making.  

Our Theory of Change

Deep Narratives

We believe that the damaging systems and processes at play in our world are based on false assumptions and worldviews, which are upheld by harmful cultural narratives. To change cultural narratives we all need to adopt and share new stories that provide inspiration for better ways of being and doing.

Cultural Moments

We believe that well-crafted documentaries that are engaging, entertaining and enlightening have a special role to play. They can provide cultural moments that bring society together in conversation around an important issue, providing a springboard for others who are actively engaged in that issue to leverage public motivation into meaningful action.

Be The Change

We believe that if we want to talk the talk we must walk the walk. The film industry itself perpetuates many of the injustices we want our work to challenge. We believe we need to try to be the change we want to see in the world.

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