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Our Values

A company is its people and we care for each other. We believe a healthy work-life balance and time spent in nature boost physical & mental health, productivity and creativity.

Unsustainable is not an option.

Healing and regeneration are essential.

Inclusion of a wide diversity of voices and worldviews is a recipe for success in all that we do.

We actively seek to collaborate with filmmakers from diverse backgrounds around the world as well as ensuring we represent diversity onscreen and seek to give opportunities to marginalised voices.

Cooperation and collaboration lead to better outcomes.

We're also exploring more collaborative approaches to working with contributors. 

We aim to share as much as we can: our resources, and also all that we learn.

We believe in the power of stories

...and also in evidence-based decision-making

We work with partners and consultants to develop an impact strategy for every film project we have in development.

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