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Kristina Turner

Assistant Producer

Starting out in animation, Kristina then retrained to work in wildlife research and conservation for around 10 years. In 2012 she then made the move to Bristol to combine her interests in storytelling, wildlife and conservation with the aim of reaching a wider audience through film and TV. 

Co-founder and facilitator at Filmmakers for Future: Wildlife (FF:W). FF:W aims to encourage collaboration across the wildlife TV industry on ways to reduce their carbon footprint, make more impactful content that inspires change and to move away from the traditional extractive filmmaking model. At See Through Stories -which is very much aligned with these aims - she’s interested in the opportunities this new company offers to explore these themes, to trial new approaches and to share learnings with the wider industry. She’s currently involved in developing a film about reconnecting with nature along with other ideas that align with the company ethos.

Kristina Turner
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